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My great passion for music and historical considerations determine my life and my professional development.

One thing in advance, my paintings have nothing in common with an interpretation of a musical text. I do not see any colours when making music. They are merely a metaphor in a musical context.

My pictorial space is revealed by painting several layers on top of each other. A resulting three-dimensionality is again related to the musical event. Harmony and disharmony condition each other in my visual world as well.

The colour is not only an emotion, but also shows itself in structure and form and thus enables a penetrating flow.

Thus the pictures get into motion. Sometimes colours connect, sometimes they show themselves controversial. 

Painting the pictures in large format is essential for me, and it is precisely this that gives me a special approach to creative work.

At present, it is especially the intense, powerful colours that attract me strongly and lead me to what happens on the canvas in the following.

Dorothea Seel is a specialist for the transverse flute of the 18th and 19th centuries and plays in leading original sound ensembles. She is artistic director of the Baroque Soloists Munich and has published both orchestral music with her ensemble and chamber music in duo with Christoph Hammer. In addition to the authentic flute sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Händel, among others, she also devotes herself to uncharted musical territory, for example with recordings of the sonatas for flute and fortepiano by Johann Nepomuk Hummel (Pasticcio Award 2019), opera arrangements of Belcanto (2020) as well as the large-scale church music works of Johann Zach (Pasticcio Award 2019). Dorothea Seel is engaged both scientifically and practically in sound-aesthetic questions concerning the flute. In 2017 she received the "Award of Excellence" of the Federal Republic of Austria for her dissertation at the artistic-scientific doctoral school of the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz. Her publication Der Diskurs um den Klang der Flöte im 19. Jahrhundert will be published by Wißner-Verlag Augsburg in 2020. At the Mozarteum University in Salzburg / Innsbruck she teaches performance practice for historical 19th century flutes since 2016.

Since 2020 Dorothea Seel publishes her pictorial works for the first time to the public.


Dorothea Seel by Theresa Pewal

@ 2020 Dorothea Seel